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Naam van de au pair: Mary Grace

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  • Naam: Mary Grace B. Loredo
  • Leeftijd: 23 jaar
  • Land van herkomst: Filipijnen
  • Visum verplichting: Ja
  • Duur procedure: max. 6 maanden

Dear Hostfamily,

I am Mary Grace B. Loredo, 23 years old, single, a BS Nursing graduate at University of Iloilo. My parents are, Benidicto Loredo, an ex OCW in Saudi Arabia , and my mother is Marlene Loredo, a housewife. I''m the youngest in the siblings of 4, I have one brother name Christopher (30 years old), he is a nurse in Canada . And I have 1 sister name Michele Loredo, (26 years old)an OFW in Hongkong.

My hobbies are strolling, outing with friends, playing with children and cooking. My future plans is to gain more experience in child care and later on to follow my brother in Canada and live there together with my family.

My childcare experience started at a very young age because here in the Philippines we have close family ties and its normal to live in the village nearby to relatives and its a part of our culture to take care of young family members, ( such as cousins, nieces, nephews.) Being the youngest in the family I have no siblings to look after Everytime I came from school or during weekends I go to my uncles or aunt house.

I do helping them in taking care of my younger cousins, I give them food, or reading a story book, give them bath, and play a lot with them. I did a lot of child care when my sister died after giving birth to a baby boy. Everytime I came home from school or if I had spare time I do take care of my nephew named Macky since birth until now that he is 2 years old. I'm the one feeding him, change his diaper, give him a bath, play with him and make sure of his safety, and put him to sleep.

I go to the University far away from home so I'm independent. I cook for myself everyday, I do ironing, washing clothes, doing the dishes cleaning the house and other household chores. Sometimes If I've got a vacant time I go to my best friend house which is nearby the University and I take care of her child named Christine who is 4 years old.

I love taking care of children. One of my favourite subject is Community Outreach Program because we go out from school and go to respective assigned villages and do the feeding program for children from babies to pre-schoolers .

I have many training and seminars that give me a lot of enhancing and developing my personality to know my capacity to handle any situation. I am confident to handle any job because I am hardworking determined, focused and possess a great enthusiasm for learning, high motivation level and willingness to work.

I want to be an aupair because I love taking care of children, and I want to experience how to take care children abroad and also to experience European culture and to enhance my personality.

Sincerely yours,
Mary Grace B. Loredo

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